Wynnum Rugby and Netball - Facility Development Management Options

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Monday, June 15, 2020
  • Wynnum Netball Club and Wynnum and District Rugby Union Club have been discussing the best way to collaborate and manage the usage of Elanora Park once it has been developed. 

    We have put together three potential options for how the clubs could proceed. No decision has been made on this point because the views of our members are so important. 


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    Option 1: Remain as separately-incorporated clubs under a lease and sublease

    • Under this option, both clubs would retain their status as separate legal entities
    • The rugby club would retain the lease from Brisbane City Council and could establish a formal sublease for the netball club over the netball courts


    Option 2: Establish a new entity to manage facilities under a lease

    • Under this option, a new entity could be established for the purpose of managing and maintaining the facilities
    • All three organisations would be separate legal entities
    • The new entity could apply for the lease from Brisbane City Council and establish formal subleases for both the rugby and netball clubs over their respective use areas


    Option 3: Merge or amalgamate into a single entity

    • Under this option, the rugby and netball clubs could become one single incorporated club, with subcommittees running rugby and netball respectively
    • The merged or amalgamated entity could apply for the lease from Brisbane City Council – no subleases would be required – and manage the use of the facilities as well as the sports


    Thank you for your valuable input. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact CPR Group (the consultants assisting the clubs with this project) via email:

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