Registration Update and Important Information

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Welcome to all new and returning Bugs members!

Update on registrations and 2019 teams;

Similar to recent years, for all returning members from U7 – U11 you will be placed in the same colour as the previous year/s (e.g. if you were in U8 red in 2018 you will be registered in the U9 red team in 2019). In the unfortunate circumstance in which a team is dissolved the club will work closely with the coaches and managers of that age group to determine the appropriate placement of the affected members.

For the many players wishing to play outside of the appropriate year level i.e. up one age group the, following procedure will need to be followed;

A request is to be made to the club in writing, via email. The club will determine if they support the request. Note - The club must be confident that the player is of suitable height, weight and skills level to do so safely.

U7s wishing to play or fill in for U8s require the Under 8 Parent Consent form completed (please email myself should you require this form). This needs to be sent to BJRU for approval BEFORE they are allowed to play in U8’s. Most of this should be a tick and flick unless the player has no experience and does not meet the age/weight requirements. At that point, BJRU will contact the club to discuss and may get the club to organise a level 2 coach to watch the player and provide a ruling

U12s & Up – where appropriate and registration numbers allow, teams will be graded in the 2019 season. Further information to follow.

In addition to the above, I request that all newly registered Bugs forward any request to play with friends etc. to myself; where possible the club will endeavour to support your request. Please detail your child’s name and the name of the friend/s they wish to play with. Thank you all in advance and look forward to meeting you over the coming weeks.


Anthony Wilson

VP - Junior

Wynnum & District Rugby Union

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