Juniors Update - 16 June 2020

Monday, June 15, 2020

Season 2020 ‘Part 2’ has begun!! It is great to see almost all pre-CoVid players back down on the fields and training.  I haven’t seen a happier bunch of kids in a long time.


Thank you to all the coaches, managers and parents for assisting in what remains somewhat challenging times.  With more relaxation occurring on July 10 it won’t be long until we get some sort of normality returns to BUGS.




Training - Please drop off and pick up players in the drop off / off pick up zones at the designated training times (not 15 minutes early etc.).  This assists with reducing mingling.


Training bags are not needed – the idea is players get in, train and get out.


Team Allocation - Coaches and managers are busy working through who is and is not playing this year and allocating players to teams.  I know some moving of players between some teams is required as teams merge or separate.  Large numbers of players in teams means more time sitting on the side-line and is not ideal for anyone.  Ensure you as parents communicate with coaches and managers to ensure your player is in a team they want to play in and understand if players need to be moved.  Hopefully this can be done to ensure they still have friends to play with.  Let me know if you are not sure who to contact.


Registration - Now we are back training I am going to have to provide the BJRU with a list of teams in the next week.  As such I need to know how many players we have.  Could I ask that if you have players that are planning to play in the 2020 and have not registered that you do so ASAP.  Kids will run the risk of missing out on playing if we fill up teams prior to their registration.  I believe registration fees remain unchanged given the season has not started.




We are hoping to have merchandise, including shorts and socks, available in the next week or two.  We are just working through the logistics (remember shorts and socks are included in registration fee for U6 and U7 players).


Boot swap - There are a number of second-hand pairs of boots in the clubhouse should you wish to grab a free pair.  See me on Fridays and I will assist given the clubhouse is currently closed. 


I have also placed some head gear x 2 and body padding x 2 with the boots too – would fit an U9 / U10 player.  These are also available for free on a first in best dressed basis. 


Also if you have any boots, head-gear or padding that you no longer use and is in reasonable condition and you are willing to donate to another family please bring them down Fridays and track me down. 




Stage 2 (Current) – Structured, non-contact training of groups of no more than 20 (including coach).  For the older teams this will mean splitting in to two or more groups during training.


July 10 (Stage 3) – Full contact training can commence (gatherings of no more than 100).


The Committee including myself are working through the details of Stage 3 and I will circulate a separate note to coaches and managers prior to July 10.




The current season calendar remains: 


  1. U6 to U9 season will run for 9 weeks starting on 18 July to 12 September.
  2. U10 – U12 will run for 7 weeks starting on 2 August to 13 September.
  3. U13 – U16 will run from 2 August to 6 September.  Div 1 final on 13 September.




The BJRU enforced moratorium on refunds currently remains in place.



I will continue to update you all as new information comes to hand.  As always, should anyone have any questions please let me know (call or email).   Until then stay safe and healthy and get those kids out at training.  I look forward to seeing you around the club again shortly as restrictions ease.





Michael Robertson

Vice President - Juniors

0421 320 931