Junior GS Voucher Registration

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

We have been advised by the BJRU this afternoon that the voucher system will not be up and running until March.


Therefore the procedure for those that qualify for the Get Started Vouchers which opened today is below.


1. If you have a voucher in hand please email the Jnr VP ( with your voucher & keep a copy yourself.

2. Download Xplorer app (if you haven't already done so) & link family members.

3. Register volunteer (for parent or caregiver) and training only ($20) so that the player is covered by insurance and we can allocate them to a team.


Once the registration is available (in March) you will be issued with a discount/voucher number to be used when entering the payment details. This will be the same whether you are paying in full or using the Zip Pay system.


DON'T register in full and ask for a refund of the voucher money. The system doesn't allow it.


Please be patient and it might not seem like it but it is a much better system than last year.


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