COVID-19 Wynnum Bugs – Return to Training

Golden Rules - Please read this all carefully

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

1. Be considerate.

A lot of work has had to go into getting things up and going again. The rules and conditions are not made locally, and we have done all we can to ensure they are as practicable as possible. We understand that this may cause frustration and feel clunky, but we are working through it. We will openly accept any positive feedback and welcome any offers of assistance.

If we cannot meet these obligations our ability to operate will be removed.

If you feel sick or are experiencing and Flu like symptoms “Stay at Home”


  • No training if players are unwell.
  • Make sure your child is ready to train upon arrival, has their own water bottle and does not need the toilet (only public toilets available)

    Support the club’s “GET IN – TRAIN – GET OUT” Policy

  • Arrive just before training starts and be ready to pick up at the end of training
  • Use the “Drop and Go”
  • Kids to arrive ready to train
  • Drop off (entry) is via the Emergency Entrance gate near the big bins

    If you must stay:

  • Stay in your Car or go for a walk
  • Do not park in the Drop and Go area’s
  • No Tailgate parties

    Club and Canteen will not be open

    “Pick up and Go”

  • Will be situated at the southern end carpark between the toilet block and the Mens Shed
  • Please do not hang around

    At all times and for all parties the 1.5m and 1 person per 4m2 rule must be obeyed

    Download and use the COVID Safe App (this is not mandatory) but the more that do the sooner we may see further easing of restrictions.


  • Obey all signage and follow all Traffic flows
  • Sign in at front of club, clean your hands and head straight to your designated training zone
  • Use the bathroom before you come down, the club will not be open and only Public Toilets available.
  • No contact with other players (high fives, handshakes etc.)
  • No spitting, clearing nose and cough into elbow
  • Don’t share your water bottle
  • Stay in your training zone at all times
  • After training head straight to the pick up zone
  • Have fun!!


  • Regardless of what night you train your area must be roped off (cones will not suffice) with the appropriate signage in place. Cones can be used to create separate training zones within the roped areas. The Committee will ensure there is support and direction for this but please try and organise some help if you are the first group training.
  • If you are the last group training you will need to dismantle all equipment and place back in shed
  • Ensure you are registered as a volunteer, manager, coach etc on the Rugby Xplorer App as this ensure you are insured for COVID and other implications.
  • Complete the attendance register for yourself and your team (on table in front of club)
  • Attendence register – once complete, take a photo of hard copy; either slide hard copy under front door of clubhouse or or scan and email to
  • Control participant numbers in your training area’s
  • Max number inside your space is 20 that includes all players, officials and parents for the young ones in the case of an anxious child. Parents should be encouraged to remain outside the roped area
  • Maintain safe distances between players at all times during training
  • Make sure players remain in their training zone at all times (no co-mingling)
  • Leave the training zone at the conclusion of training and take the players to the pick up zone.
  • You are responsible for the hygiene of your kit (balls and cones etc.):
  • Bleach Solution - Majority of rugby equipment
  • Alcohol Solution – Unsoiled hands and for making wipes for metal surfaces
  • Soapy Water Solution -Soiled hands and surfaces
  • Some useful guides are contained at:

    The QRU also has a number of links on their website under the COVID section from a number of suppliers covering their specific equipment.

    As for Training:

  • BYO equipment – balls, cones etc. (equipment in shed will not be available)
  • Non-contact including no touch football
  • Receiving and distribution skills in line with the 1.5m social distancing.
  • Defending with 1.5m distance
  • No contested drills, tackling, grappling, wrestling, body on body drills, no rucks, scrums or lineouts.
  • Training drills must be designed with social distancing measures in place
  • No standing around close to other participants during or in between drills (e.g. when waiting in line / at a cone)
  • No team huddles, handshakes, high fives etc
  • We would prefer that training at this stage is confined to the use of footballs (the Gear shed will not be opened)
  • Ensure no sharing of personal equipment including water bottles
  • Use the provided sanitation stations pre & post training
  • It is okay for kids to bring their own small bottle of sanitizer to use

    If possible, undertake the COVID-19 Infection Control Training (only takes 20min) at:

    Direct any enquiries to:

    VP Juniors - Michael Robertson 0421 320 931

    Club COVID Representative – Josh Connell 0428 527 644